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“Auzins emerges as a surprisingly mature improviser, who is able to play a solo soprano saxophone piece lasting for almost five minutes without a hitch, with outstanding virtuosity and imagination. But his performances with the quartet are also superb and he manages to create a unique sound, which is extremely rare these days…”

…”This is definitely a most impressive debut recording, which emotionally reminds me of the moments in 1960s when Jazz first broke its ties with bebop tradition and moved into a new epoch. Now, five decades later, this beloved music of ours is still making giant steps into the unknown. Hats off, young Lions!”

ADAM BARUCH – The Sountrack of My Life

“Pladen er godt dokument på den smeltedigel som København er, når det gælder jazz. Her arbejdes på tværs af nationaliteter. Der opstår konstant nye strømninger i jazzen..”


…”The excellent, few minutes of solo soprano – amazing! A lot of depth and flexibility in them!”
…”In Auzins work everything is universal and multi-dimensional



Nominated as the best Jazz album and best Debut at Latvian music awards 2017


It can be found on most digital services and can be bought in CD format.