Auziņš – Čudars – Arutyunyan

“Auziņš – Čudars – Arutyunyan” is a contemporary/ jazz music tiro from Riga.
All three being experienced and internationally recognized jazz musicians the trio seeks to create a world of sounds that is above genres based on energies, emotions and imaginative ideas and concepts.
Though collective free improvisation is an important element of the trio’s creative work, the interest in the classical music composition gives this group well-designed frames for spontaneity and playfulness in their improvisations. A lot of attention is paid to the creation of sound through unconventional or extended techniques and electronics, nevertheless, all three, as Latvians, come from a rich choral music tradition, thus the group’s creativity always maintains melodic and is closely related to the voice of a human.

Karlis Auziņš – saxophone
Matīss Čudars – guitar
Ivars Arutyunyan – drums

Debut album by Auziņš – Čudars – Arutyunyan is out now, you can hear it here: