Growing up in the countryside of Latvia- as a kid climbing trees, helping grandma in the garden, going mushroom picking, skiing in the snowy forest in the winters.
Being the generation after awakening- experiencing how the nation is slowly realizing their once lost identity and building up the courage to be themselves again with the curiosity of once forbidden fruit.

This album is a story of three Latvians, three friends who stand with the roots in their motherland’s ground, yet their branches have reached out to the world outside where they have felt the sun and taken in the rain of knowledge and culture of capitals such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. Which let each of them grow and develop in their own unique way.

Now they have met in Latvia again to work together, to join their branches and to create a story that reflects themselves, people and societies around them and their experiences all together. This story is called “Baltic”.

The album “Baltic” consists of compositions by Karlis Auziņš and Matīss Čudars, as well as the group’s interpretation of the composition “Donkey” by composer Carla Bley.
Although the band’s music is instrumental, the album also includes a poem by Aivars Neibarts “The Way”.